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Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality

Along with geniuslunaticsavant Owain Rich, we're making a series of explainers with a rig he's devised which allows me to illustrate ideas in 3D real space. Weekly. A team of two. A useful application of consumer VR for storytelling/journalistic use, we think. We might be the first to do this. 


New Years resolutions

Our first. Things we learned: Images come in to the sketch one pixel deep, so they disappear if you're not keeping track. Very confusing. 


Sports but mostly history of sports

Our second. Things we learned: tracing around 3D objects is better than manipulating them. Also, sports are fun. 


Millennials and marriage

Our third. What we learned: Drawing a 3D tv in VR and then filming on essentially a 2D platform is quite hard. Layers were involved.


passwords are painful

Our fourth. What we learned: tracing your own face is creepy. Also it's hard to line things up. 


time zones in the usa

Our fifth. Things we learned: Using the 'guide' for 3D objects helps sometimes. Also, Pittsburgh is spelled with an 'h'. 


BASEBALL has feelings

Our sixth. Things we learned: Experts are great. Baseball is a LOT of data. There is a way to write text full frame. New lighting too. 

Cities aren't always a 'good thing'

Our seventh. Things we learned: You can take the rig outside. It is cold outside. And also it rains outside. You can take the rig back inside. 

why printers hate us

Our eighth. Things we learned: It's hard to film things on the floor. Printers are nice.